Learning and Life Skills

Learning and Life Skills Development

Qualtime can tailor learning and life skills programs to be delivered in individualised or in group settings. Clients can target specific goals that they wish to obtain and then apply those skills at their homes or in the life of their communities. Qualtime presents our Clients with opportunities to compliment life skills across the range of our programs including in home, community access, STA and social and Centre based programs. Travel training, work experience and volunteering are also activities that Qualtime supports our clients to participate in. Ask about Qualtime’s capacity to tailor a program for you.

  • Budgeting and Money Handling
  • Nutrition and Healthy Living
  • Safety in the Community
  • Travel training
  • Organisational skills
  • Numeracy & Literacy
  • Technology
  • Hygiene
  • Domestic skills
    • Menu Planning, Shopping & Cooking
    • Cleaning
    • Household tasks
    • Laundry and clothes care