In Home

In Home Support

Qualtime provides 1:1 support to NDIS participants, to enable you to work towards your NDIS goals, to participate actively in your community, to develop and maintain your independent living skills, and to make your own decisions and have maximum choice and control over your own life.

Qualtime gathers the best information we can from you, to help us to assist you to achieve your goals. The information provided by you relates to your goals, your physical support needs, medications, communication, nutrition, personal care, mobility, behavioural support, links to other service providers, and other information relevant to your life and what is important to you. Your information is then used to provide individualised support to you, to match you with an appropriately-skilled and suitable support worker.

1:1 supports can be used to support you to work, study, and develop your independent living skills, engage socially, develop and maintain relationships, and live the life you want to live, as fully and meaningfully as possible. You tell Qualtime what you want your life to look like, and we support you to make it happen!